Linda Leimane is a Latvian composer, whose works often tend to be physicality- and bodily art related. She works with orchestras, large ensembles, soloists in electroacoustic projects and electronics, as well as collaborates with artists of other media.

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    Upcoming Events

  • ASO_foto_UllaJensen.jpg Ulla Jensen

    20 January 2022

    Enantiomorphic Chambers

    "Enantiomorphic Chambers" performance by the Aalborg Symphony orchestra, conducted by Andris Poga at the Musikkens Hus concert hall, Aalborg, Denmark.

  • sinfonietta_riga.jpeg

    29 January 2022

    Ray-bows II

    "Ray-bows" II performance by the Sinfonietta Riga and conducted by Normunds Šnē in the programme of the Grand Concert of Latvian Symphonic Music, Riga, Great Guild. 

  • Reinis Zarins 11SMALL.jpg

    29 January 2022

    Undulations for piano

    "Undulations" for piano, premiere by Reinis Zariņš at the Latgale Embassy GORS, ​​Small Hall, Rēzekne.

  • avatars-000718279357-bygpis-t500x500.jpg

    15 September 2022


    "Adonai" for organ, premiere by Thomas Lacôte at the Royaumont festival, Royaumont Abbey, France.

  • Court-C.jpg

    9 September 2022

    Bodies. Undulations for ensemble

    "Bodies. Undulations" for flute, clarinet, harp, piano, percussion, violoncello, double bass. The premiere by the ensemble Court-circuit, Théâtre de Vanves, Paris. "Bodies. Undulations" is a large constellation, filled with sense of motion and undulation of abstract bodies interpreting August Rodin's "The Gates of Hell" in nowadays context. The system of body gestures are modelled with intention to achieve maximum of "alive plasticity" possible in the sonic world, deriving forms from the harmonic and inharmonic substance. The ensemble co-creates diverse types of energy, engaging in complex processes, unique timbral sounding, various developments of multifaceted rhythmic patterns and  "bodies" specifically designed to them.

    Last Events

  • vidu.jpg

    3 January 2022

    Geometric Counterpoint

    "Geometric Counterpoint" for harpsichord and electronics as part of the ambisonic installation by Voldemārs Johansons at the Cēsis Concert Hall, January 3-9.

  • CD.jpg

    11 December 2021

    Ray-bows CD release

    "Ray-bows" released in the album by SKANI, performed by the Sinfonietta Riga, conducted by Normunds Šnē.

  • 240293830_10227953621412314_8791612976006575306_n.jpg

    5 September 2021

    Via Imperiale / Desire

     Magdalēna Geka /violin/ and Iveta Cālīte /piano/ @Cēsis Vidzeme Concert Hall.

  • 240112060_4231391990248692_7645720785633576559_n.jpg

    1 October 2021

    LL performance

    Electronic performance @ATRAKTORS festival 1 October and @Skaņu Mežs festival 2 October 

  • 180779806_475303643541889_1731101451815174568_n.jpg

    17 June 2021

    InterVoicing SpACE

    Composer Linda Leimane in a close and continuous collaboration with the classical experimental contemporary singer, performer and extended vocal techniques' explorer and researcher Helena Sorokina (alto) is going to explore the voice down to its bits thus obtaining a vast field of resources for further mutational processes in a new and hybrid audiovisual work, where four different media – acoustic voice, electronics, science (Marija Sorokina) and video art (Viktors Keino) closely converge. Pure voice with a powerful breath, that can be seen as a pure luxury in these times, when so many people are fighting for their lives and struggling with breathing, will be subject to extension from the acoustic into the digital realm [For more information go to Catalogue/Electroacoustic/InterVoicing SpACE].

  • 240567930_4793599774002025_6853501808614027566_n.jpg Ieva Kauliņa

    29 August 2021

    Nasing Spesal

    Combining the principles of modern political and documentary theater, "Nasing spesal" is composed by director Andrei Jarovoy in collaboration with composer Linda Leimane, producer Maija Pavlova and artist Ieva Kauliņa at the Gertrude Street Theater. The performance is based on the longest Saeima meeting in the history of renewed Latvia. Politicians' decisions taken more than a decade ago continue to influence today's reality – we still live in Latvia's increased tax and drawn municipality borders, while the then opposition members are currently in power. How has the change of political forces changed the overall landscape?

  • RH_sinfonietta_01_1.jpg

    29 April 2021

    Ray-bows, the premiere

    "Ray-bows" is a multi-level reference to Gerard Grisey's "Vortex Temporum" and "Periodes"in the form of a rainbow arch. The hot-subjective impulses in the outer two thirds of the arch are organized by seven muses: Gabriel, Daniel, Josephine, Sergey, Leonora, Ricardo and Emanuel, while the cold-objective peak of the time arch is marked by the red of the rainbow-colored spectrum. Inspired by Gerard Grisey's creative work, the piece aims for organic linkages between time proportions and sound spaces organised by seven quasi spectra as seven rainbow colors.

  • 125872785_10225554669480015_6638109964549152007_o 2.jpg

    17 September 2021

    Architectonics of A Crystal Soul

    "Architectonics of A Crystal Soul", commissioned by the violinist Sofija Kirsanova (LV) and the Syzygy ensemble (Australia) in duration of 15 minutes as a large scale constellation focuses on the solo violin creating synergy with the ensemble of flutes, clarinets, cello and piano.  The  idea of the "Architectonics of Crystal Soul" is  a sonic environment of imaginary city, where artefacts of different ages and cultures meet. The soundscape is experienced and perceived by a "crystal soul" or the solo violin -- alive, feeling, pulsating, breathing, fragile and strong, present in different ages and parts of the planet. 

  • parandza-9030_small.jpg Rihards Gēcis

    8 November 2020

    Episodes 2

    The exhibition "Episodes 2" by Li Bond with the sound of Linda Leimane and Artūrs Punte is running as part of the  international art project We Can Be Heroes, presented at the Exhibition Hall of Klaipėda Culture Communication Centre. The exhibition is open until 8 November 2020.

  • SMALL.jpg Publicitātes foto

    1 November 2020

    Geometric Counterpoint

    The premiere of "Geometric Counterpoint" for harpsichord and electronics by Ieva Saliete at Arēna festival.

  • Tempus-RGB.png Publicitātes foto

    28 October 2020


    "Masculine" performed by Tempus Balticus: Ieva PARŠA /voice, LV/, Māra BOTMANE /violoncello, LV/, Johan RANDVERE /piano, EST/at the Baltic Symphony festival, The Great Guild Hall, Rīga.  


  • Hamlets.jpg Agnese Zeltiņa

    21 October 2020

    HAMLETS ballet

    HAMLETS ballet of the choreographer Antons Freimans. Music - Linda Leimane (symphony orchestra and electronics) and Sergei Rachmaninoff (piano works), scenography and costumes -- MAREUNROL'S, Latvian National Opera and Ballet. 


  • 20.09.2019. LNSO sezonas atklasana 130.png Gatis Rozenfelds

    1 October 2020

    Longing. Flashing. Bonding

    The premiere of "Longing. Flashing. Bonding" by the Latvian National symphony orchestra. Conductor: Andris Poga. The venue: The Great Guild Hall, Rīga, at 19:00.

  • 81623472_10222005050821767_6987281718889676800_o.jpg

    19 July 2020

    Geometry of Endless Solution

    The performance of "Geometry of Endless Solution" at the Concert Hall "Great Amber" in Liepāja. Several different types of electronics are used in the project "Geometry of Endless Solution" which all combine into a never-ending geometric pattern of discovery in which massive blocks, vibrating lines, dots, periodically rhythmic segments and other audio-visually tangible forms dissolve into a primordial substance. The instruments used are a self-oscillating electro-acoustic string instrument specifically created for this performance by Artūrs Punte and Jēkabs Voļatovskis after their own sound installation "No pulsācijas" ("From The Pulsation"), an acoustic, electric cello and bass guitar by Ēriks Kiršfelds and various real-time projections by Viktors Keino. 

  • Ray-bows.jpg

    4 April 2020


    The premiere of "Ray-bows" by the Sinfonietta Riga. Conductor: Normunds Šnē

  • 1_1.jpg

    20 March 2020


    The premiere of "Desire" by "Escape Velocity" duo for the project that looks at Milhaud’s “La Création du monde” through the lens of six new commissioned works by a group of six composers. The performance will be surrounded by art, sets, and costumes from the original 1923 ballet production of “La Création” at the Museum of Fine Arts, St. Pete.

  • artworks-000521091678-gp6kux-t500x500.jpg © Agnese Zeltiņa

    17 March 2020

    Hamlets Ballet

    HAMLETS ballet of the choreographer Antons Freimans. Music – Linda Leimane (symphony orchestra and electronics) and Sergei Rachmaninoff (piano works), scenography and costumes – MAREUNROL’S, Latvian National Opera and Ballet. 

  • LIBRARY.jpg

    29 August 2019

    Invisible Library

    NEREDZAMĀ BIBLIOTĒKA [INVISIBLE LIBRARY] exibition opnening event at the Latvian National Library. Music and text performance by the actor Gundars Silakaktiņš (voice and electronics) and the composer Linda Leimane (electronics) with voice effects by the Youth choir Kamēr.. Text - Pauls Bankovskis, artist - Dace Džeriņa, curator - Inga Surgunte.

  • 41595821_2144092225847914_8429913177227001856_o.jpg

    7 September 2019

    Matter. Ritual

    MATTER. RITUAL installation at the modern culture forum White Night 2018, at Zirgu pasts, Rīga. Music: Linda Leimane, Selffish, Anna Ķirse, Jachin Pousson. Percussion: Kaspars Kurdeko. Video artists:  Viktors Keino and Roberts Rubīns.

  • orkestris.jpg

    9 February 2019

    Enationmorphic Chambers

    The premiere of ENANTIOMORPHIC CHAMBERS by the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra, conductor Andris Poga. 

  • irs.jpg Reinis Hofmanis

    21 November 2018


    GUESSTIMATIONS performance by the Sinfonietta Riga and the conductor Normunds Šnē in the programme along with Erkki-Sven Tüür's Prophecy, concert for accordeon and orchestra, and Joseph Haydn's Symphony No 104. "Leimane, Tüür and Haydn – a thrilling blend of chamber symphony specifically written for the Sinfonietta". The concert venue: Malmö Concert Hall, Sweden. 

  • 44232009_1882125868508661_8330384980953792512_o.jpg Arturs Pavlovs

    13 October 2018

    Geometry Of Endless Solution

    GEOMETRY OF ENDLESS SOLUTION at Skaņu mežs festival, Latvia. Several different types of electronics are used in the project which all combine into a never-ending geometric pattern of discovery in which massive blocks, vibrating lines, dots, periodically rhythmic segments and other audio-visually tangible forms dissolve into a primordial substance. Performed by Ēriks Kiršfelds /acoustic cello, electric cello, bass guitar/, Linda Leimane /electronics, self-oscillating electro-acoustic instrument created specifically for this performance by Artūrs Punte and Jēkabs Voļatovskis after their own sound installation No pulsācijas (From the Pulstation)/ and Viktors Keino / projections/.

  • LiHo.jpg © Roberts Rubīns

    31 October 2018


    6 March 2018 DIALEXICA for chamber orchestra, 4 ch electronics with thext and real-time projections nominated for Latvian Grand Music Award 2018. Dialexica plays with opposing meanings in space by entering three generations: chilhood, maturity and old age. Idea, text, electronics, real-time projections - Artūrs Punte, composition, symphonic layers and electronic spatialization - Linda Leimane. Voice - Jayde Will.

  • a8cbe6301c715a01732e64335d0913ffa674b473.jpg

    10 September 2018

    Sillhouettes. Behaviours

    SILLHOUETTES.BEHAVIOURS recorded by ART-i-Shock, released by SKANI


  • Meitar.jpg

    8 September 2018


    The premiere of OPHELIA. Ensemble Meitar: Roy Amotz /alto flute/, Antje Thierbach /oboe/, Matthieu Steffanus /bass clarinet/, Francesco D'Orazio /violin/, Jonathan Keren /viola/, Yoni Gotlibovich /cello/, Philipp Lamprecht /percussion/, Amit Dolberg /piano/ at the Royaumont Abbey in Asnières-sur-Oise, France.  

  • grapgh (1).png © Ieva Balode

    8 September 2018

    Intermediate State Vbration

    INTERMEDIATE STATE. VBRATION installation at the modern culture forum White Night 2018, at Zirgu pasts, Rīga. Music: Anna Ķirse, Linda Leimane, Selffish, Oskars Herliņš, Sound Meccano, Platons Buravickis. Violoncello and bass guitar: Ēriks Kiršfelds. Video artists: Ieva Balode and Viktors Keino. 

  • 30762675_1846500378976666_3707415018287923200_o.jpg

    30 June 2018


    New album available released by SKANI