Linda Leimane

Linda's creative work has always seemed very interesting to me, and I did not recognize her Close-up when I heard it again. The miracle of this piece is that it sounds different each time you hear it. Linda Leimane is a name that – unless you have memorized it already – this might be your last chance to remember. (Orests Silabriedis)

"DeciBela" aktualitātes + Kančeli un kino ar vecmāmiņu

Who is Linda and what is she like? The first thing you notice about her is her individuality. She is obviously not content with things that are treid and true; she will search for her own sound and reveal the wonders within it. Guesstimations is a piece that deftly combines primeval brutality with the refined sonic hues reminiscent of a japanese silk painting. Professionally polished work, too. (Andris Dzenītis)

Lindas Leimanes kamersimfonijas "Guesstimations" pirmatskaņojums Lielajā ģildē

Linda has her own handwriting and one could well hear many details and intricate instrumentation during the performance of Guesstimations. No timbres is simple in her composition - it always has a complex harmony, nothing is insular, each aspect is balanced by others. Her music is shaped like a mountainous terrain of sound. (Oskars Herliņš)

Lindas Leimanes jaundarbs, Baha festivāla atklāšana, Beļģijas džezs un "Dzejnieks un nāra"

Linda Leimane could pass as a freshman composer just as well – she is still a student at the Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music – but her symphony orchestra piece Panel 5 is truly notable for its new way of thinking, a quality evident from Leimane's choice of textures and motifs. (Orests Silabriedis)


Composer Linda Leimane convinces ever more with each subsequent piece. Panel 5 could be characterized as impressionistic expressionism or expressionistic impressionism, but this would sooner be a characterization of a feeling than of the musical language. (Oskars Herliņš)

2013. gada atskats #6: Oskars Herliņš

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